Markus Ceniceros is a former student of the Littleton elementary school district where he attended Fine Arts Academy and Tres Rios Service Academy from 2nd grade to 8th grade. Markus has called the neighborhood of Country Place his home since 2010. It’s where he built friendships and spent most of his childhood. Markus is currently a student at West Point high school where he is in the National Honor Society and is in student government. Markus is a Co-founder and the Deputy Director of a political organization that focuses on engaging young people to participate in the political process by getting them to register to vote and informing them of candidates running for office and the roles they play in our daily lives. Markus has always had a passion for public service and helping his community since he was in seventh grade. Markus is ready to step up to the challenge and run for public office to better his community and ensure that every student has the education to take pride in and ensure that every teacher is listened to and supported.

Markus Ceniceros attending the AEL Day of action at the Capital to insurance that our public schools did not lose 1.2 billion in funding.

Markus Ceniceros at an event with his fellow co-founders of his political organization.

Markus Ceniceros is in his High School’s Student Government, he has the honor of building traditions that will last for generations.

Markus Ceniceros Speaking at the ceremony for the new aea President.